About Me

Welcome to Coming Up Coconuts! My name is Tiffany and I love to cook and eat! I’m the wife of an amazing husband and momma to a sweet pea little girl.

I’ve tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the last few years, learning and re-learning what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’ve never been someone who struggled with weight or body image, until I got pregnant with my first pea.  Terrified of how my body would change, but trying to relax and enjoy my pregnancy was a struggle.  I discovered after she was born that getting back to the old me was going to be difficult, and take more work than I had ever needed to put forward.  I also needed to realize that I may not ever be the “old me”, and that would be okay too.  This time around we’ve started off with some advantages and some disadvantages, but I’m keeping the mindset of a challenge, and we’ll get to the other side eventually.

I’m trying to find my niche here, and learning about food and photography.  There have been and will be more “rough” spots, but I’m confident I can create something you can utilize and I can be proud of.